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The Importance of Bees to Farming



Many people think of bees as a threat- a summertime nuisance, a danger. But we often forget some important facts. 


- Bees are very hard workers.

- Many of the foods we enjoy would not be possible if it weren't for the bees-they give us much more than just honey.

- Every blueberry that you see on a bush is available to you because a bee pollinated a blossom.

- Farmers sometimes have to bring in bees to pollinate their crops because the bee population is declining.



What can you do to HELP SAVE THE BEES?


- Bee nice! they may sting when provoked but bees are our friends.

- Read the label! Crops need to be protected- but it is important to pay attention to the pesticides that you use and the TIMING in which you use them, as they can be very harmful to the bee population.

- Buy food and honey locally.

- Plant bee-friendly flowers in your garden:


Spring – lilacs, penstemon, lavender, sage, verbena, and wisteria.

Summer – mint, cosmos, squash, tomatoes, pumpkins, sunflowers, oregano, rosemary, poppies, black-eyed susan, passion flower vine,and honeysuckle.

Fall – fuschia, mint, bush sunflower, sage, verbena,and toadflax.


- Be careful if using chemicals or pesticides to treat your lawn or garden

- Don't be so strict with your weeding! Bees love wildflowers. let things bloom for the bees before trimming them back once they go to seed

- Spread the word



We have planted several bee gardens at Blueberry Knoll to keep these important pollinators happy. Cover crops like mustard plants are great for attracting bees.

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