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 A Brief Farm History:


We purchased our 100-acre property in 1984 as a newlywed couple and at that time it was not an operating farm. It was partly swamp and all grown up in weeds. Over a period of several years, the land was cleared of brush and drained, and rented out to the local sod farm where Brian worked at that time. In 1989, we planted our first 2 acres of blueberries as a hobby, while Brian worked full-time off farm. We opened to the public in 1994. Additional plantings of blueberries were added from 1997-2003, for a total of 6 acres. Raspberries and strawberries were added in 2002, along with sweet corn. Ponds were dug for irrigation use and in 2004, we erected a greenhouse.

 We started selling homemade bread from our home in 1992. We then added other products and had a health-inspected kitchen approved in 2009. In 2012, after we could no longer handle the baking volume in our little kitchen, we added a health-inspected bakery to our farm market where we make jam, breads, pies and other from-scratch baked goods. We use our fruits or other locally grown fruits such as Niagara peaches, cherries, etc. Baking is available year round, with a well-stocked freezer when fresh is not available. Orders can be taken at any time.


We raised our 3 children on the farm and they were actively involved in its growth and production. They are all married now and we are welcoming the third generation. We hope the little ones will also make some memories on the farm as they grow up.


About Our Farm:


We offer a summer long harvest of sweet, juicy berries that can be purchased at our farm stand,  or plucked fresh off the plant by you in our well manicured fields. 


We specialize in growing healthy, nutritious, abundant crops that make picking your own a pleasure, not a chore. Your time is important to us. Although we cannot always guarantee perfect picking conditions, we try to manage our harvests to direct you to the best fruit we have available at all times. Our picking crews harvest a different area of the field so "first fruits" are always available to our PYO customers. 


Healthy Nutritious Soil=Nutritious Plants=Nutritious Fruit=FLAVOUR!


We practice crop rotations, use composts, mulches, and foliar nutrition to achieve the highest level of Brix (or sugar/mineral) content that we can. This provides the quality and flavour customers have become accustomed to.


Our growing season is generally from mid-May until the end of August. Throughout fall and winter months, frozen fruit, baking and jam are available, with reduced hours. We offer an abundance of pies at Thanksgiving and special cookies and bars at Christmas time!

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