Blueberry Knoll 2021 Farm Safety Plan 

We welcome you to the farm to enjoy this year’s bounty! Please read the following 2021 Safety Procedures and Policies for Blueberry Knoll before visiting.


  1. Please do not visit the farm if you feel unwell, or if you have been with someone who has tested positive for Covid. Visit this link to do a self-assessment before visiting:

  2. Masks are required around the market building and while placing your order at our walk-up market. 

  3. In all outdoor areas, physical distancing must be practiced. 

  4. No entry to the building, except to walk up and order (portable washroom available outdoors) 

  5. Picnic tables and benches not to be used by customers (the area behind the market building is reserved for employees only). Please take your berries, bakery treats and ice cream to enjoy at home. Or a pamphlet will be provided upon request for picnic spots to visit in our area.  

  6. Handwashing required for entry to PYO field. Directions for picking in fields must be followed.  

  7. We ask that children be under adult supervision in the PYO fields.

  8. No pets. Much as we love dogs, please leave them at home.  

  9. Only our pails to be used for PYO (or clean pails you used last year, that you purchased from us). No other containers, please. 

  10. Pre-payment is required in the field before entering the patch. Debit or credit preferred.  


All of our employees do health screening daily before coming to work. It is our responsibility as employers to provide a safe work environment for them, so thank you in advance for following our guidelines of masks where needed, physical distancing and hand washing to help keep everyone healthy!